Heat Pump Maintenance and Service

Heat pumps work to keep your home cool or warm all year long, depending on the season. These energy-saving systems are meant to last about 15 years before they need to be replaced. Keeping a heat pump properly maintained is crucial for protecting the lifespan of the system. Systems that are not cared for will have reduced lifespans and will often break down, leading to expensive service calls. 

Heat pumps are a popular heating and cooling option for the residents of The Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. We are proud to offer all of the services our heat pump customers need. 

When issues arise, our friendly service is fast and reliable, so your heat pump problems will become a thing of the past. A heat pump system is vital for keeping your home comfortable, no matter the outdoor temperature. If the system is not operating properly, a home can quickly become uncomfortable for its occupants. 

Because of the importance of this system to your family’s safety and well being, make sure you never trust your heat pump services to anyone other than the experts at AirCool HVAC We are a proud USA company that is focused on delivering the highest level of service we possibly can. It is our goal to provide you with services that bring 100% satisfaction. We make sure the job is done right the first time and every time.

We stand behind our work and will not leave your home until we have found a solution for your heat pump issues. When it is time for your service call appointment, we promise to arrive on time and will take measures to protect your home as we work on your system. We treat your home just like we would our own and avoid leaving messes behind. 

Our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your heat pump evaporator coils and your condenser coils so we can determine a proper diagnosis for the issues your heat pump is experiencing. Proper diagnostics is essential for ensuring the right steps are taken to keep the system operating at its prime. 

We offer you the following benefits
for your heat pump problems.

  • Fast, reliable, and expert service available, morning, noon, and night
  • Fair, upfront pricing without any hidden costs
  • Non-stop work until your heat pump is properly taken care of
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

With our expert services, your heat pump will be properly serviced, according to the industry standards you can fully rely on. Our technicians are highly trained to be able to swiftly locate the problem, so there is less wasted time during your service call. AirCool HVAC is here for you when you need us most whether you live in The Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. 

Common Heat Pump Issues 

  • Heat pump will not turn on
  • Insufficient heat production
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Heat pump is making strange sounds
  • Incorrect cycling 

Do not allow these problems to cause you to stress! Call us at 718.465.1653 right away and we will get to the bottom of the problem. You can rest assured our experts will be able to quickly discover the issue and offer the right solution to the problem, each and every time. 

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in New York City, Manhattan, The Bronx, Long Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. You can fully rely on our maintenance, diagnostic, and repair services to keep your heat pump operating efficiently. Allow us to help protect your heating and cooling system investment. 

If you are dealing with heat pump problems or it is time for your annual service appointment, give our technicians a call at 718.465.1653, so we can get you scheduled right away. We are also standing by for 24/7 emergency services when our customers need help right away. You can reach us during the day, nights, and on weekends.

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